Motivational Speaker

Rosemary Siemens enjoys sharing stories about her journey and musical entrepreneurial experiences and has had the opportunity to be an inspirational speaker at The World Entrepreneur Forum, National Spiritual Care Conference, Vancouver Business By The Book, The Entrepreneur, the Estate Planning Conference of BC, and Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve found that when I combine my music with story telling, it gives the audience something to connect to and brings them on a journey with me.  I love telling the stories of how I grew up in southern Manitoba on my parent’s century-farm, how I was the first violinist to play at the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican in Rome, how my 300-year-old violin was stolen and miraculously recovered in Santa Barbara, and how my goal with music is to play it forward and bring as much joy to people through my music as I can.”
— Rosemary Siemens

“From everyone that spoke today, you are the one everyone is talking about!”
— Chris HamadeDirector of The Entrepreneur

Here is one of Rosemary’s recent speaking engagements addressing 250 of Canada’s top CEO’s: