Sunday Hymn Serenade, Vol. 3 – Digital

Classic hymns from Rosemary’s Sunday Hymn Serenade ‘Bring Back The Hymns’ YouTube Series, featuring Rosemary Siemens on vocals, piano, violin, and organ, with hymns such as “Nearer My God To Thee”, “In the Sweet By and By”, “Abide With Me”, and “God Is So Good”.



Sunday Hymn Serenade, Vol. 3
Rosemary Siemens
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1. Abide With Me (4:09)
2. The Love of God (3:03)
3. Nearer, My God, To Thee (4:41)
4. He Is Lord – Hallelujah (3:43)
5. Into My Heart – God Is So Good (Feat. Theodore Parker Bennett) (3:55)
6. Spirit of the Living God (3:57)
7. His Name is Wonderful (Feat. Eli Bennett) (3:47)
8. Amazing Grace (Feat. SaxAndViolin) (3:54)
9. Because He Lives (4:44)
10. In the Sweet By and By (4:43)

Total Running Time: 40:36
Album Released: July 5, 2021
Album Released Exclusively on Patreon (CD’s and mp3’s)


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